Welcoming Guests Again!

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In its own way, the COVID-19 pandemic has had its effect on the whole world. Some have been directly affected and others have had to make complete changes to their lifestyles. Businesses too have had to reinvent their operations and the new normal seems like it has been the normal forever. The very nature of our lodges however, make us a preferred destination in such times. Certain facets like small key facilities, residential staff, remote locations (that are COVID-19 free till date), Large campus size and focus on outdoor exploration make our lodges inherently low risk environments for this pandemic. Having said that, we leave no stone unturned and are ensuring that when we reopen our lodges are a safe environment for your holiday. You can be rest assured that hygiene and safety of our guests, staff and communities is our top priority.

Bori Safari Lodge

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our brand-new offering; the Bori Safari Lodge. This 8 bed room retreat is tucked away close to the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary which is one of the most exciting upcoming wilderness destinations in Central India. The sanctuary is part of the Satpura Tiger Reserve and is spread over a 500 square kilometre area on the south-west side of the Satpura National Park. With the recent voluntary relocation of villages large tracts of land have now been made available for repopulation of wildlife. A recent drive of translocation of tigers has also provided impetus to an already growing tiger population in this area. The Bori Safari Lodge is a perfect abode to explore this exciting and unexplored wilderness. During this COVID-19 closure, we could not rely on the likelihood of our guests coming, so we chose to rely on our own readiness to receive them. Looking forward to your visit soon!

The wilderness – A nice place to work

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Ever thought of a workation? Our lodges offer a perfect environment for inspiration and an increase in productivity. Both our lodges have good high-speed internet connections and the green surrounds offer great solitude and peace for good concentration. Our accommodations also offer a great place for recreational and soft adventure activities for families. Game Drives, nature walks, canoe excursions and cycling trips are an ideal way to rejuvenate when taking a break from work. A workation at our lodges is perfect for individuals who travel with their family or for a small group of office goers.

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