Reni Pani Newsletter - November 2018

Siddharth Biniwale - TOFT Lodge Naturalist of the year 2018

Naturalist Team at Reni Pani an Integral part of your journey in Satpura

All our naturalists have different areas of interest and all the skills combined make for a very wholesome guided wildlife experience for guests. With their dedication and zeal to explore wilderness they play a vital role to connect guests with nature.

It's with real pleasure and pride to announce that our very own Siddharth Biniwale is now TOFT Lodge Naturalist of the Year 2018. Sid's enthusiasm is contagious and his knowledge for all things wild makes him one of our star naturalists. A geologist by education, he is passionate about bird watching and camera-trapping photography.

One of our other naturalist's Erwin D'Rose also got shortlisted for the TOFT Award 2018 for Lodge Naturalist of the year. Erwin's dedication, passion and commitment to all things wild make him one of the better naturalists in Satpura. His knack for sightings especially for big cats makes him an absolute asset to have when on safari.

Satpura Under Canvas: Shortlisted for Toft Awards

Satpura Under Canvas L
Satpura Under Canvas S
Satpura Under Canvas S1

Our innovative program Satpura Under Canvas was shortlisted for, Wildlife and Tourism Award at the TOFT awards 2018. The Satpura Under Canvas mobile camping expedition is based on zero footprint themes and gives guests an opportunity to traverse classic tiger country on foot. Our program can be custom built for each guest's requirement with options of camping out for a night and also participating in an expedition format covering 32 km terrain over 2 or 3 nights. While walking guests can enjoy Satpura's diverse ecosystem and habitat.

Reni Pani School Adoption

Reni Pani School  01

We feel proud to share our new initiative. To join hands with the community we are adopting a primary school in Reni Pani Village. We had always been connected with this school with various activities like setting up toy library, conducting environment education lectures etc. The new school building has been built with government funding. Along with parent and teachers association Reni Pani has prepared a flow chart to uplift this school. In phase 1 of this initiative we will provide furniture, water supply, school gate, campus boundary, clean toilets, uniforms and a daily mid day meal for all students. Our naturalists will also continuously engage the students in nature orientation. We hope with these small steps we can reach out to more people in the community to sprout seeds of environment and conservation with these young minds. We will keep you updated on developments.

Luxury Tents

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-17 at 13.21.49

We are happy to present to you our brand new luxury tent suits. Set in the forest around a lovely water hole, these tents offer a brilliant blend of luxury amidst classic woodland. The tents feature a private deck, en-suite bathroom, bed room, living space and a traditional village ''angan'' or courtyard. These tents are a must do for any repeat guest and are highly recommended for anyone coming to us for the first time. We invite you to be our guest! Follow the link to see all the photos.

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