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The Bori Safari lodge is your gateway to the exciting Bori Sanctuary. Located a couple of km away from the park gate, the lodge is built on a 7.5 acre farmland estate close to Dhapada village. The lodge will feature 8 well-appointed rooms with en-suite facilities, an infinity plunge pool, a spa, indoor and outdoor dining and a library. The lodge will have best in class naturalist guides who will interpret the wildlife of the Bori Sanctuary. Jehan Numa’s emphasis on cuisine will also reflect in the food being served at the lodge, with focus and importance on a high quality artisanal and gourmet menu offering.

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The Satpura Tiger reserve comprises two protected areas teaming with wildlife. The Satpura National Park, famously known for its Sloth Bears and Leopards and the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary, emerging as a park with high tiger density. For tourists or wildlife viewers these 2 parks combined can deliver an unmatched diversity of iconic mammals. Tiger, leopard, sloth bear, wild dog, giant squirrel and gaur make up our ‘’super six’’ and with enough days spent in this landscape guests have a high chance of seeing all. We recommend a minimum of 6 nights between Reni Pani Jungle Lodge and Bori Safari Lodge to be able to have a very high chance of seeing these iconic species. Apart from this, the greater Satpura landscape is teaming with common wild herbivores.

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