Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

157, Shamla Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - 462013
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A Luxurious Hotel in Bhopal

A regal 19th-Century residence, the Jehan Numa Palace in Bhopal is a rare fusion of contemporary comfort and care.

Settled on the slope of the vibrant Shamla Hills is the majestic Jehan Numa Palace Hotel, Bhopal. The palace is an amalgamation of British Colonial, Italian Renaissance, and Classical Greek architecture. Fringed with hues of floral appeals such as Bougainvillea, Champa and more, this abode of fine hospitality lives up to its royal status, so much that it compelled a visitor to claim, 'It is too intimate to be called a palace, too friendly to be called a hotel'. Experience a princely stay in our luxury hotel in Bhopal.


The rooms and suites at Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal, are opulent and laced with elegant decor. Our luxurious rooms in Bhopal are spacious and equipped with all kinds of modern amenities needed for a perfect stay in Bhopal. True to their nature, these palatial rooms exude an unbeatable royal charm.

Dining & Events


Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal, has an impressive array of restaurants in Bhopal to choose from. From multi-cuisine delights to dainty patisserie cafes, our hotel in Bhopal covers almost all kinds of delicacies.

Fine dining is central to the Jehan Numa experience – good food and gourmet cuisine are served in the true tradition of the nawabs.
Authentic home-cooked flavours, farm fresh ingredients and an extravagant range of offerings excite the most adventurous and discerning gourmet. The four restaurants and two bars provide a rich experience and a range to choose from – both in terms of cuisines and dishes – and are as popular with hotel guests as they are with the residents of Bhopal.

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Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal, possesses five magnificent, state-of-art banquet halls.

The halls are varying in size and accommodation and are built in such a way that no matter what the event is, it can be carried out smoothly. The Jehan Numa team understands the importance of each individual event and provides personalized and professional service - just as they would for royal festivities. A pick of venues - both indoor and outdoor - outstanding food and beverage offerings, and expertly customized themes, décor and music make each event special and memorable. All of our banquet halls in Bhopal, are equipped with the necessary modern equipment and are boosted by the reliable and amiable staff of our Bhopal hotel.



Unwind, unfurl, relax and regroup your energy at this serene and natural setting.
Jehan Numa Palace Hotel is committed to the wellbeing of its guests, who can literally take the wellness experience further at the Palace Spa, a tranquil oasis at a magnificent location. To aid you in staying fit and relaxed on this unwinding vacation, we have an impressive array of high-end facilities such as spa, swimming pool, fitness centre and many more. Experience a resplendent retreat at the finest hotel in Bhopal.


Hotel Amenities

  • Complimentary breakfast
  • 24-hour room service
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Located near Van Vihar National Park
  • Spacious garden
  • Sauna
  • Chakra Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness centre