Dining at Jehan Numa Palace-Bhopal restaurants adefazd

Dining at Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

Fine dining is central to the Jehan Numa experience – good food and gourmet cuisine are served in the true tradition of the nawabs.

Authentic home-cooked flavors, farm fresh ingredients and an extravagant range of offerings excite the most adventurous and discerning gourmet. The four restaurants and two bars provide a rich experience and a range to choose from - both in terms of cuisines and dishes - and are as popular with hotel guests as they are with the residents of Bhopal.

Shahnama is a multi-cuisine restaurant with a buffet and a la carte service. Most hotel guests start their day here with a hearty breakfast and come back for a fine selection of Indian, oriental and continental dishes.

The kitchen in Italy is the heart of every home. La Kuchina with its open kitchen concept, rough white walls, warm burnt sienna flooring and traditional Sicilian style décor evokes the warmth and hospitality of coastal Italy.

This utterly charming restaurant is located, as its name suggests, under an ancient mango tree in the central courtyard. The outdoors enters inside as guests dine in the open verandah with its fluted colonial pillars, besides a lush green lawn.

The hotel's coffee shop, Cafechino is a trendy and friendly Café and patisserie. It is the frequent haunt of hotel guests and fleeting visitors who drop by to sit either indoors or lounge out in the verandah, looking for a quick bite or lingering over their coffee and conversation.

The lounge bar is a tribute to the most notorious bend in modern day horse racing, and also to the royal family's abiding interest in horses. A rich cellar and the chef's best snacks in a vintage ambience invites guests to catch up on their favorite sporting action or unwind to the beats of the DJ.

The Shergar bar, named after the famous race horse owned by the Aga Khan, is the perfect place to have a quiet relaxed drink and snacks after a long day's work. This cozy corner in the hotel with its colonial style décor is reminiscent of an era gone by.