United We Stand!

staff trainig at palace

With social distancing and self-isolation becoming a global norm, the phrase United We Stand has never been truer yet ironic at the same time. Surely most of us reading this message never imagined that something like this would occur in our lifetime. Yet, here we stand living a life that we only imagined would happen in a Hollywood movie. It seems surreal, but nothing could be more real.

Staying home like family!

As the last guests left our jungle lodge, the lock down got announced. Our team at the jungle lodge has been together ever since. Some who come from far away, do miss their families, but they know they are safer here (and their families there) and have no choice. So together as a family they train, share stories, explore hobbies and imagine! Our Retreat or Palace in Bhopal is no different, the small teams that work there stay there, to avoid any contact with others or to put their families at risk. They work tirelessly to keep the hotels in mint condition so that they are ready for you when we open. We in turn grow organic vegetables onsite for all to be happy and well fed. Our hotels have become a home to our staff.


Jehan Numa - A View Of The World

In these days of lockdown, sometimes we wonder will we view the world in the same way again? But we are not unsettled, we are looking within! We are planning how we can serve you better when you can travel again and be our guest, whether it is in our hotels in Bhopal or our lodges in the bush. We are thinking overtime to come up with a plan to enrich your experience the Jehan Numa way.



India’s lockdown of 1.3 billion people has been very effective to curb the virus, but it surely has had an impact on the most vulnerable, the ones who earn a living on a daily wage. We are doing our part to help them. Hotels under the Jehan Numa brand are working with the municipal corporation, NGOs and forest department to feed the needy close to us. We have also contributed towards the state relief fund.


Strength in people

The people who work with us are our biggest strength. The Jehan Numa Group has spent 36 years building a hospitality brand that now has 4 hotels. We have strived to deliver fine hospitality while showcasing the heritage of the areas we operate in. Our team of 500 staff has helped us build a culture based on trust, quality, consistency and gracious hospitality. Working together, we have become one big family. We are happy to say that everyone from our team is well and safe.

Our Biggest Asset

Our biggest asset is our guest. And although we miss you and wish you were staying with us, we strongly urge you to stay at home and stay safe. This too shall pass and when it does, we look forward to hosting you again.

Unexpected surprise at Reni Pani

With the lock-down, all over the world animals have been surprising us by coming out to unexpected places. During this time in Reni Pani, our naturalist Jesan was able to witness the rarest of rare; wild dogs and wolves interacting on the same kill.

Glimpses of our new property - Bori Safari Lodge