Reni Pani Newsletter - November 2016

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The Jamun Jhira Sisters

Last season, one of our resident female leopards had a litter of 3 cubs, all of which we thought were females. They were the source of hours of entertainment and observation for many of our guests and at the end of last season we were not sure what would happen to them after the monsoon, would they survive?... Was the question everyone had!! For a month there was no signs of them and then suddenly 1 morning there were strong alarm calls in their favorite hang-out and out they came... but only 2. Since then 2 sub-adult cubs have regularly been seen keeping our hopes high for another season of great sightings and observations. We are still on the look-out for the 3rd cub but till now there have been no sightings. We hope it is around and safe.

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Reni Pani Jungle Lodge - TOFT & M.P Tourism Awards 2016

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Satpura Under Canvas The most innovative tourism project of the year 2016

Our newly launched Mobile Camping and Walking Expeditions - Satpura Under Canvas has been awarded the joint winner as The Most Innovative Tourism Project of the year 2016 at the Madhya Pradesh Tourism - State Tourism Awards. The Satpura Under Canvas program covers a 32 km walking expedition through magical and untouched wilderness over 2 nights and 3 days in an exquisitely designed mobile camping set-up. For those who do not fancy expedition walking we do have 1 night and 2 night camping options in the buffer with half and full day walks in the national park area. These exclusive camping options give guests a one in a lifetime opportunity to traverse classic tiger country on foot. As the winter sets in, it is definitely the best time to experience this program.

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Naturalists The essence of the Reni Pani Experience

For the forth consecutive year we have had Kartikeya Singh come and train our team. Reni Pani is the only lodge in Satpura that has such a long running dedicated training program for naturalists. We have one of the most rounded and one of the better naturalist teams not just in Satpura but in the country. All our naturalists have different areas of interest and all the skills combined make for a very wholesome guided wildlife experience for guests. As a new season begins all of us at Reni Pani are eager to please each guest that we host.

Do call +91 9981997714 or e-mail to book your expedition.