Under The Jamun Tree - A Jehan Numa Retreat Restaurant Near Bhopal Lake

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Decked with elegant lighting and overlooked by the lush green Jamun trees, is our outdoor restaurant in Bhopal specialized in Indian barbeque dishes. Under The Jamun Tree is a visual and sensual delight in almost every season. Our guests linger here for the ambience as much as they do for delicious Kababs and curries created in our in-house live kitchen. Tantalising flavours clubbed with an alluring aura is what this restaurant in Bhopal aspires to provide.

Under the Jamun Tree is our signature restaurant in Bhopal, set up with a barbeque to cook mouth-watering Indian kebabs. The dishes served at Jehan Numa are truly special. The recipes of the dishes served here aren’t available to the outside world, since it is only held by and accessible to the royal families of Bhopal. Some of the signature dishes served at our restaurant are Bhopali Murg Rizzala, Ghost Makhane ka Korma, Bhopali Mutton Filfora, and Nadru Ke Kofte. These Royal Bhopali dishes are influenced by the ritual - Shikaar, which means to “kill and eat.”

Experience what it’s like to be a guest to the royal family at our restaurant in Bhopal!

Lunch: 12 PM - 3 PM
Dinner: 7 PM - 11 PM

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