Activities to enhance your stay at Jehan Numa Retreat

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Things to Do Within Jehan Numa Retreat


Jehan Numa offers a range of exciting experiences and activities to go about while you unwind during your weekend getaway from Indore. You can choose to walk amidst the vast swathes of wheat plantations, or within our in-house organic garden. Get an exclusive tour of the property and a guide to explain the names of the herbs and the methods involved in growing them. You can also pick the vegetables and fruits of your choice and have it cooked.

Kids can be a handful during a vacation. We not only like to keep them entertained but also facilitate some learning. During the evenings, post 7 pm, we play a wildlife documentary at our private dining space, which has a projector and a canvas screen installed. Kids can lounge on the bean bags, have some tasty munchables, and watch the marvels of nature.

Yoga sessions are conducted seasonally, during October-March in the mornings. Rise early, attend the yoga session that either happens near the machan or by the swimming pool. Our yoga specialist will guide you to a calming yoga session, while the morning mist still hasn’t faded away. The session is free of cost and goes on for about an hour every morning. Register today to book a slot.

Things to Do Outside Jehan Numa Retreat

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Cycle/ Walk Through Van Vihar

We can arrange for a sturdy, well-maintained cycle from our resort, free of cost. You can also choose to go as an individual or can also opt for a guide. Start early around 7 AM and enjoy some hearty snacks and hot beverages near Bhopal Lake. Van Vihar Urban National Park has a 4.5 km diameter and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. You get to see tigers, leopards, sloth bears, and blackbucks among other animals. Then cycle back to the Retreat and enjoy a refreshing morning.

Bhopal Heritage Tour

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Bhopal is culturally rich and boasts several places of interest. While you are on your getaway, you can opt to go for a heritage tour to explore these marvels on a chargeable basis. A historian can be hired exclusively to conduct this tour, guide you and provide interesting digests about the beautiful places in and around the city and its history.

They generally charge Rs 5000 for one car (Max 3 pax) and the cost can be shared between individuals too.

It is a half-day activity which covers Ahmedabad Palace in the city and the Bhopal lake.

  • The tour of the Tribal Museum takes about 2 hours, showcasing civilization, homes and lifestyle of popular central Indian tribes.

  • The Museum of Man tour is a 3½ hours tour that calls for a lot of walking. The different tribes in various Indian states are depicted.

  • The State Museum is a 1-hour tour which encompasses the tale of various specific tribes, including the archaeology and cultural aspects exclusive to the state of Madhya Pradesh. It also has postal stamps, sculptures, royal collections, manuscripts, documents, coins and rare musical instruments that will peak your interests.

Architectural marvels like the Taj-ul-Masajid, the "Crown among Mosques" is also a part of this Heritage Tour. It is one of the biggest mosques in India and was built by Nawab Shah Jahan Begum. The structure looks very similar to Jama Masjid in Delhi. We also feature what is said to be the smallest mosque in Asia, the 'Dhai Seedhi Ki Masjid’ as a part of the tour.



Bhopal is called the city of lakes and rightly called so. Bhopal Lake is one of the many tourist attractions that draw in a lot of visitors. Bhopal Boat Club offers kayaking and windsurfing as experiences to try at the lake. The giant lake has an island in the middle, which is home to a Sufi shrine as well.

Things to Do Outside Bhopal

Bhojpur temple

Bhojpur Temple
This famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is just 45 mins from the hotel. It is famous for housing one of the biggest shivlings inside, despite being incomplete in terms of its design.

Saanchi Temple

Sanchi is a Buddhist temple, just an hour away by car, that houses the great Stupas (one of the oldest known structures) that was commissioned by Emperor Ashoka himself. At 7 pm every evening, there is a live show event here that shows the history of these stupas.


Bhimbetka is an archaeological site of rock shelters about 1½ hours away from the hotel. This 12000-year-old structure exhibits the earliest traces of humans from the stone ages.

Enjoy your stay at Jehan Numa Retreat with the various in-house and outdoor experiences available. Let your perfect weekend getaway be productive, restful, engaging and exciting!