The Jehan Numa Experience - A Weekend Getaway Near Indore

On the outskirts of Bhopal city, The Jehan Numa Retreat is the latest offering from the Jehan Numa Hotels.

A surprising luxury is camouflaged by the native simplicity of a tree-lined estate, and the subtle elegance of the Jehan Numa experience.

An intimate collection of low-slung cottages are uniquely designed with sloping walls and roofs, borrowing details of tribal and rural art on mud-coloured walls and courtyards.

Exquisite colonial and ethnic décor combine with local craft and warm colours of Indian dyes and stone.

The focus is on the natural and the organic, a harmonious reconnection of the body, mind and soul with the luxurious gifts of nature.

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The tranquil silence is broken only by birdsong and animal sounds as guests unwind and replenish themselves under a wide Bhopal sky.

Lush golfing green in a far corner beckons the meditative golfer. The Spa offers a premium experience with a holistic blend of therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments


The kitchen serves wholesome and delicious dishes using many of the organic vegetables and ingredients are grown at the Retreat. The forest and the National Park transport visitors to a natural habitat rich in animal and birdlife – visit, walk, listen and watch.

Kitchen Gardening

Golf at Jehan Numa Retreat

Cycling at Jehan Numa Retreat