Exploring the Wilderness of Madhya Pradesh

In the heart of India lies a hidden gem called Madhya Pradesh, a state widely celebrated for its cultural and natural diversity. Peculiarly less trodden by travellers when compared to other tourist destinations, the unconventional state opens the door to a land of pure mysticism and excitement. It is renowned for being a treasure trove for wildlife enthusiasts. Adventure-lovers who love to spend time amid forests and adore safaris can have the best jungle safari in Madhya Pradesh. Within its vast forests, tigers prowl and peacocks dance as you explore the dense greenwood through the snake-like paths.

If you wish to tighten your travelling boots and explore the wilderness of Madhya Pradesh, then pay a visit to the six different tiger reserves and several other national parks and wildlife sanctuaries dispersed around the state. For those who travel to the heart of India a jungle safari in Madhya Pradesh is something not to be missed.

The most frequented tiger reserves include Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Panna, Satpura, and Sanjay-Dubri. Madhya Pradesh is the tiger capital of India and is home to the largest number of tigers compared to any other state in India. Thus, it is labelled as the best place in the world to spot the majestic tiger in the wild!

The good part is that Madhya Pradesh has a highly evolved eco-tourism sector with several sought-after jungle lodges across its reserves, namely Kanha, Bandhavgarh and even the lesser-known treasures like Satpura National Park and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Tiger at Madhya Pradesh Jungle Safari
wild dogs at Madhya Pradesh Jungle Safari

Wander through the verdant forests during a wildlife safari in Madhya Pradesh. Watch nature at its very best, explore caves, visit riverside towns and experience life in the villages near the forest reserves. We are listing down five must-visit places in Madhya Pradesh for an extraordinary wilderness experience!

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Satpura Tiger Reserve


Satpura Tiger Reserve is the largest tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. It comprises Satpura National Park, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary, and Pachmarhi Sanctuary. Get your binoculars ready and watch out for Royal Bengal Tigers, leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, sambhar and a slew of other wild animals. Being a biodiversity hotspot, it is home to a myriad of flora and diverse species of birds. Travellers looking for an enthralling break amid nature can explore this untraversed landscape on their wildlife safari in Madhya Pradesh. It is not only known for its thrilling jeep safaris but also for its expansive carbon-neutral options like walking, canoeing, cycling and camping.


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Bori Wildlife Sanctuary


Bori Wildlife Sanctuary, a part of Satpura Tiger Reserve, is a treasured sanctuary, which is no less than its counterparts. Get on board for a Madhya Pradesh jungle safari at Bori, and drive through thick forests to spot wild tigers, leopards, sloth bears and wild dogs, hiding behind tall grasslands. Like Satpura National Park, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary bestows you with the advantage of exploring the dense forest during nighttime, under the starry sky. They are open to night safaris where you get the privilege to detect nocturnal species like Indian Civets, Indian Palm Civets, Indian Crested Porcupines and jungle cats.

Rock Python at Madhya Pradesh Jungle Safari


Bandhavgarh National Park

If you are planning for a wildlife safari in Madhya Pradesh, then do not miss a visit to Bandhavgarh National Park! The national park boasts of the highest density of Royal Bengal Tigers, thereby increasing the probability of spotting tigers. In recent times, wild elephants can be spotted. The elephants are believed to have migrated from neighbouring states, who now inhabit the forest in Bandhavgarh. It is the first forest in Madhya Pradesh that has had an impressive documented presence of elephants. Located inside this wildlife den is Bandhavgarh Fort, a site formerly used as a hideout location for maharajas while hunting!

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Kanha Tiger Reserve

Kanha Tiger Reserve is the oldest tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh and was among the first 10 tiger reserves in the country. Kanha is a moist deciduous forest, dominated by sal or Shorea robusta among different other exotic flora. A wildlife safari in Kanha is one of the most joyous experiences for any nature lover. The safari opens opportunities to locate a wide range of animals including tigers, leopards, hard ground bara-singha, wild dogs and several species of birds. The biodiverse forest is home to over 40 species of mammals and over 300 species of birds.



Pench National Park

Pench National Park, another gem in the wild heartland of India, is home to around 40 Bengal Tigers, 39 species of mammals, 13 species of reptiles, and a few species of amphibians. It was declared a national park in 1975 and a tiger reserve in 1992. Largely composed of dense and dark foliage and a crisscross of rivers and creeks (the river Pench being one of them), a visit to Pench National Park makes for one of the best jungle safaris in Madhya Pradesh. It is also famed to have inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the jungle book!

So, pack your bags and get ready to set on a thrilling adventure at these famous national parks!