A Guide to Bori Wildlife Sanctuary

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Located along River Tawa, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary is one of India’s oldest wildlife sanctuaries. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, it is part of the Satpura Tiger Reserve which is spread over 2,200 square kilometres of mixed deciduous forest and is the largest tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. The sanctuary is the lowest-lying region of the tiger reserve and is dotted with meadows and mixed deciduous woodland, making it an ideal habitat for large mammals like sambar, gaur, nilgai, chital and their predators like tiger, leopard and wild dog. Till a decade ago there were several villages dotted in this sanctuary, but with the efforts of the forest department, a successful voluntary relocation program was conducted where close to 40 villages were moved out. Now meadows have emerged in the erstwhile village sites affording large spaces for the repopulation of wildlife. Most notable of these old village sites are Bori and Churna which, after village relocation have transformed into prime wildlife habitats. Churna is in the tourism zone and the best possibility of seeing wildlife including tigers is here. Bori is out of the tourism zone, but this is where the forest department has conducted the reintroduction program of the endangered hard-ground barasingha. As the barasinghas get released from their enclosures, there is a possibility of their dispersal into the tourism zone.

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The Sanctuary poses high chances of big-game sighting

Known to be the best place in Satpura to see tigers, Churna is the primary area where the safaris are conducted in the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary. Churna is also known for its leopard sightings and one can expect to see a large number of herbivores especially chital, sambar, gaur, nilgai and wild boar while on the safari. The trees around Churna Forest Rest-house are home to Malabar Giant Squirrels that can be easily seen and photographed here. A recently opened tourism zone known as Jhalai also has great potential in wildlife sightings. Here the chances of leopard and sloth bear are very high making for a wide range of sighting opportunities within the sanctuary.

Churna Forest

Activities at Bori Wildlife Sanctuary

The Bori Wildlife Sanctuary is fast becoming one of the most exciting wildlife destinations in Central India. This part of the Satpura Tiger Reserve is known for its big-game sightings and the game drives or jeep safaris are the best way to explore to maximize chances of seeing tiger, leopard, sloth bear or wild dog. Night safaris are also possible in Jhalai where the chances of nocturnal species including small Indian civet, Indian palm civet, Indian crested porcupine, jungle cat, Bengal fox, jackal among others is quite high. The sightings of leopard and sloth bear are also very good on the night drive. Walking safaris are also on offer in Jhalai where guests can focus on things that usually get missed out on drives. While on foot, the possibility of seeing birds is great. It is also a great way to understand animal tracks and signs, learn about the flora and observe lesser-known fauna like butterflies, arachnids, reptiles and the like.

So, fret no more and discover Madhya Pradesh’s best kept secret, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and its awe-inspiring natural beauty!

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Jhalai Safari