4X4 Game Drive

Guests at our lodge can enjoy the 4X4 safari drive at the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most exciting emerging tiger landscapes in Central India.

Buffer Drive

Spot exotic animals and birds with our guided buffer ride facilities at the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary.


Explore the exotic flora and fauna around the Bori Reserve Forest, India's oldest forest preserve. Take a walk on the wild side!

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Our lodge is located in Dapada village, a typical village that represents the rustic
lifestyle of Madhya Pradesh. Know about the local way of live, and interact with the villagers with our guided village and anthropological excursions.

Reach us, Bori Safari Lodge, Betul, Resort near Bori Wildlife Sanctuary 2

Guests can book a full day safari that will take them from  Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, Hoshangabad, to Bori Safari Lodge, Betul, through the reserve.