Tribes of Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh is a celebrated, charming Indian state that embraces its historical significance and culture. It has a rich population of tribal groups that enhance its cultural diversity and is a safe haven for more than 40 tribes who live in harmony. Each tribal sect follows a unique lifestyle. The lifestyle of these tribes of Madhya Pradesh ensures the preservation of the environment, for generations to come.

Major Tribes of Madhya Pradesh

The tribes are grouped based on cultural beliefs, heredity, economic structure, speech and lifestyle. Out of the many tribal sects, the Bhil tribe is one of the most populous. The second-largest tribe is the Gond, which is followed by Baiga, Bheel, Kol, and Korku.

Tribes of Madhya Pradesh

Bhil Tribes of Madhya Pradesh

The Bhil tribes of Madhya Pradesh are found in huge concentrations in Jhabua, Khargone, Dhar and Barwani districts. This sect is known for dressing up in vibrant shades, adorning heavy jewellery. They create handicrafts, carpets, ornaments and fabrics that popularised the state. The designs are influenced by their ancient traditions, making the prints unique and ravishing.

The Bhils have a distinctive lifestyle that is defined by their beliefs. Such as the way of life, revolving around marriage. They have different types of marriages that afford them the flexibility to choose their partner. The Bhils of Jhabua are also known for their exquisite Pithora wall paintings. The tribe is also quite well-versed in archery and agricultural farming.

Gond Tribes of Madhya Pradesh

The Gond tribe is of Dravidian origin. They celebrate their culture through artistic expressions of dance and music. Various parks in Madhya Pradesh showcase paintings curated by this tribe, which attracts the attention of explorers. The tribe sees music as a form of medicine with magical healing powers that ward off social evils like diseases and famine.

Tribes of Madhya Pradesh 2

Baiga Tribes of Madhya Pradesh

The Baiga tribes can be found in the Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh. They are known to dress up in white attire and have a distinctive appearance. They tattoo their faces as a form of embellishment. It acts as a trademark that differentiates them from other indigenous tribes.

Women from the Korku tribe have the letter “M” marked near their forehead, while the Bhadia women have bow-shaped tattoos above their eyebrows alongside intricate lines and dots covering their forehead.

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Tribes of Madhya Pradesh 3

The Other Tribes of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is known for its diverse tribal population. The Kol tribe is one of the oldest in the state. Their main occupation is agriculture. They depend on forest products, which they sell in markets to earn their livelihood. The women of this tribe love wearing ornaments.

The Bhil Tribe is the third-largest in India, most of them settled in Madhya Pradesh. The males of this tribe wear half sleeves and dhotis, whereas the women wear decorative coats, almost like the “ghagra”, worn by Rajasthani women.

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