The Enchanting Satpura Safari

Satpura National Park, also known as Satpura Tiger Reserve, derives its name from the stunning Satpura Range. Expanding over 500 sq. km., it is abundantly rich in biodiversity and is home to giant cats like tigers and leopards, and other fauna like the blackbucks, dholes, Indian gaurs and more.

At Jehan Numa Group of Hotels, we offer the exciting opportunity for guests staying at our luxurious jungle resorts—Bori Safari Lodge and Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, to go on the bewitching Satpura Jungle Safari, exploring the wonders and mysteries of the Satpura Tiger Reserve.

Adventure seekers and wanderlusters will be escorted by Reni Pani’s highly trained and well-versed naturalists and expert guides who know the Satpura National Park like the back of their hands. With a deep knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area, they can also help you track tigers, leopards, sloth bears, and other resident animals like wild dogs, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, giant squirrel, and many more. Our travel bugs can choose from three varieties of Jungle Safari, based on their liking.

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Jeep Safaris

On the 4X4 safari drives, guests will be escorted by Reni Pani’s highly trained and well-versed naturalists in our jeeps till the water body (Denwa River) that marks the boundary of the park.


Elephant Safaris

The Elephants in the park are well trained and by nature, extremely intelligent. They can take you to several places where a jeep cannot, providing an excellent platform for deep learning and understanding of the biosphere reserve.

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Walking Safari

An exclusive offer of ours, the Satpura National Park Safari is the only place in India where walks are possible in the core area of the jungle.

Generally, our guests choose to stay 2 nights at Bori Safari + 2 nights at Reni Pani, opting for the full day safaris within the sanctuary, and travelling from Reni Pani to Bori Lodge or vice versa. It usually takes up to 2-3 hrs. Boat safaris (2.5 hrs) + surface transfer (1 hr) are possible from one lodge to another, where, you can experience cruising through the sanctuary and staying close to nature, all in one.

All the safaris are conducted by the forest department itself, ensuring maximum protection and privacy.