pachmarhi sanctuary near reni pani judgle lodge in Satpura, satpura tiger reserve

A supplement programme to explore this fascinating hill station.

Nestled in the highest parts of the Mahadev hills within the Satpura Range, Pachmarhi is a lovely hill station. During the British Era, Pachmarhi was the place where the state forest department commenced its operations. Now, contemporary Pachmarhi is a lovely town that is an amalgamation building of the old and new era. There is a range of charming old British Bungalows that have now been converted into small hotels run by the state tourism department.

Our favourite hotel is Rock And Manor. Admittedly, the interiors and decor are slightly old-fashioned but all required amenities are available. The hotel also has a nice dining area serving good Indian meals. Guests can opt to do a 2 night & 3-day visit to Pachmarhi arranged by Reni Pani Jungle Lodge and travel to this charming hotel & explore the unknown areas within this Sanctuary.