At ReniPani Jungle Lodge in Satpura, we recognize the importance of the conservation of India's rich wildlife heritage.

By opening this lodge we are now in a position where mere recognition is not enough. We are and have to play an active role in the preservation of the forest, its wildlife and the local communities that are dependent on them. We have done just that ever since entering this area. Restoration of the forest and its wildlife, employment for locals (to minimize their dependence on forest produce) and spreading awareness on the importance of conservation have been one of our primary activities.

Not only have we conserved the area in and around the lodge but are also working closely with forest officials to promote a completely natural experience in the Satpura Tiger Reserve. The forest department, other lodges and us, are working over time to maintain Satpura's true wilderness feel. We are working closely with other concerned entities to promote non-traditional forms of exploring the forests like walks or treks, full-fledged and affordable elephant safaris and non-motor boat safaris. Although we do have jeeps for animal viewing, we always recommend that our guests at least try walks, elephant safaris and boat safaris as an alternative.

We aim to help secure the long-term sustainability not just of our local forest but also of the Indian tourism circuit. Our guests will be the carriers of this aware conduct and we hope that what they learn or teach us at Reni Pani will spread, thereby ensuring a greener planet tomorrow.