Popular Picnic Spots in Bhopal

Bhimbetka Caves

Bhimbetka Rock Shelter features close to 750 rock shelters and contains a wide variety of paintings that are said to be almost 30,000 years old. These paintings are present on the inner walls on the caves and were said to have been made using vegetable colours. This cave showcases the earliest signs of human settlement and is known as the starting point for the South Asian Stone Age Period. These rock shelters were declared as a national heritage site in the year 2003. Enjoy a splendid time at this picnic spot in Bhopal that is located about 48 kilometres from our hotel and can be reached in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Kaliasot Dam

Kaliasot Dam is one of the must visit places in Bhopal. The drive to the dam is a mesmeric one featuring verdant green spaces on both sides of the road. The dam is also said to have a temple from where you can spot tigers roaming about in their natural habitat. This dam is the perfect picnic destination and it is located about 8 kilometres from our hotel. The average travel time from our resort to this dam is about 15 minutes.

Islamnagar Fort

The Islamnagar Fort or the Chaman Mahal was built by Afghan commander Dost Mohammed Khan in the year 1715. It is a vast fort that is surrounded by gardens and fountains. It also has floral motifs and walkways that add to the beauty of this place. The architecture used for the construction of this fort is a blend between Malwa, Mughal and Bengali architecture. Today, this fort lies in ruin but still has many tales to tell to visiting travellers. It is a quaint picnic spot that is located about 28 kilometres away from our resort and has an average travel time of 40 minutes.

Bhojeshwar Temple

Bhojeshwar Temple is famously known as the Unfinished Temple. It’s construction was started sometime in the 11th Century by Paramara King Bhoja. The construction of the temple was then abandoned for unknown reasons and the architectural plans were engraved on the nearby rocks and boulders. The temple was designated as a Monument of National Importance by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1951. Enjoy a splendid picnic with your loved ones at this one-of-a-kind destination in Bhopal.

Raisen Fort

The Raisen Fort is perched atop a small hillock and has nine gateways. There are also a number of temples, mosques, water reservoirs and military fortifications within the fort’s premises. Four other palaces are also present within the fort namely the Badal Mahal, Rohini Mahal, Itradaan Mahal and Hawa Mahal. Enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh when you visit one of the top places to visit in Bhopal. It is located about 54 kilometres from our hotel and has an average travel time of 1 hour and 15 minutes.