5 Unexplored Destinations to Visit in Bhopal

Bhopal is home to many towns and destinations that are often skipped by the touring masses in favour of more popular destinations. These places feature a variety of historical and religious structures belonging to various faiths. Skip the regularly visited spots and swap them for these untold secrets during your next visit to Bhopal.

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Temples of Panna

The town of Panna is one among the many unexplored destinations in Madhya Pradesh that you should visit. It shelters many Hindu religious sites that are worth exploring when you visit Bhopal. Some of the most famous temples include Baledoji Temple, Jugal Kishoreji Temple and much more. These unfrequented temples in this town feature a unique blend between Indian and Islamic architectural styles.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Madhya Pradesh is home to several wildlife sanctuaries and Ken Gharial is one of the lesser-known sanctuaries in the area. This sanctuary safeguards many species like cheetahs, chinkaras, wild boars and many other wildlife creatures. It also accommodates a variety of flora, including the Lagerstroemia Parvilora, teak, saja and much more, that make it the ideal place for nature lovers and photographers.


Burhanpur is a riveting place for enthusiastic history buffs. This town once served as the capital of the Mughal kingdom. It features a wide variety of architectural monuments, mosques, tombs and palaces. Burhanpur is situated on the banks of the Tetri River, also known as the “Gateway to Southern India'' due to its strategic location.


Bateshwar is the best place to experience spirituality and history in one stop. It features 200 temples made out of sandstone and is not frequented by the touring masses. These temples that are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Shakti, should be one of the places you visit if you want to discover the charm of the old world and embrace timeless beauty.

Kuno National Park

Kuno National Park is one of the lesser-known wildlife parks in Madhya Pradesh. It is home to a wide variety of animals and exotic plants. This national park is also a known habitat for Asiatic lions after Gir National Park. In addition, there are a variety of other species such as tigers, leopards, and barking deer that you can spot, while on a safari at this national park.

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