Satpura Under Canvas

Satpura Under Canvas is a unique mobile camping and walking expedition through the Satpura forests

Satpura is an extensive forest covering a broad array of unique Central Indian flora and fauna. This beautiful reserve is cradled in the Mahadeo Hills of the Satpura Range that is characterized by fascinating deep valleys, narrow gorges, cascading waterfalls and rich vegetation. All these amazing facets of this forest make it ideal trekking country. During the British Raj, the state of Madhya Pradesh was known as the Central Provinces and the forest department of this province commenced with its headquarters in Pachmarhi. Captain James Forsyth a man largely responsible for establishing & operating the headquarters ascended to Pachmarhi using the same route as what we shall take on this trek. 2 night & 3 day treks or 1 night & 2 day treks can be designed by Reni Pani Jungle Lodge as per requirement of the guests.