Jehan Numa Expeditions

Jaguar resting on a rock

Jaguars of Pantanal Expedition 2023

Explore the tropical wetlands of Pantanal in Brazil for an incredible Jaguar sighting experience.

Snow Leopard Spiti Expedition 2023 page-0004 nfi835

Snow Leopard Spiti Expedition 2023

Spiti exposes travellers to the breathtaking chance to witness the majestic snow leopards and other exotic fauna.

a snow leopard resting 13

Snow Leopard Expedition (Ladakh) 2023

A great chance to see this exquisite creature in its natural habitat.

Red panda

Red Panda Expedition

The exotic Singalila National Park brings to you the adorable 'firefox' and a host of other rare creatures.

Wildebeest Herd

Masai Mara Expedition

Travel to Kenya and experience the Masai Mara expedition for a riveting journey.