Best Jungle Resorts in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, that translates to ‘central province’ is a state in central India, just as the name suggests. It is steeped in rich history and culture from the many dynasties that ruled over the area, including but not restricted to, the ancient Avanti Mahajanapada and the Maratha empire. The state draws in many tourists with amazing attractions such as forests that are home to diverse wildlife, picturesque sightseeing spots, renowned temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and impressive architectural marvels.


Spend your vacation reconnecting with nature when you stay at hotels near Satpura Tiger Reserve and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary. Reni Pani Jungle Lodge and Bori Safari Lodge provide elegant and comfortable accommodations that are surrounded with dense forests and greenery, allowing one to enjoy the simple pleasures of the environment. These premium luxury resorts pamper guests with high-end amenities amidst the wildlife experience that they are known for.

Bori Safari Lodge

Courtyard,  Bori Safari Lodge, Betul, Resort near Bori Wildlife Sanctuary
LODGE LIBRARY 01, Bori Safari Lodge, Betul, Resort near Bori Wildlife Sanctuary2
Dining,  Bori Safari Lodge, Betul, Resort near Bori Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled in the midst of lush greenery in the charming and rustic village of Dhopada, lies Bori Safari Lodge that spans for 7.5 acres in a farmland estate. With modern amenities and lavish facilities like a spa, a pool, a delightful restaurant and elegant accommodations, this resort near Bori Wildlife Sanctuary pampers its guests with an unforgettable time in nature’s lap.


Guests can enjoy farmland tours, wildlife tours, wildlife safaris and game drives to enjoy a refreshing experience away from the bustle of everyday life in the city. Enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets with mystically coloured skies, listen to birds chirping in the morning, and spend your days exploring the locale and resting in a warm and rustic setting bathed in opulent conveniences.

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The concierge at the resort will arrange activities and things to do to keep you entertained at this spectacular destination. Guests can visit Bori Wildlife Sanctuary or Satpura National Park to witness the indigenous flora and fauna of the area, or head out on safaris on reliable 4x4 jeeps. Appealing to the nature enthusiast in you, with seemingly endless and vast forests and greenery, escape into our natural environment, providing a mesmerizing and revitalizing experience.


Gorge on lip-smacking dishes at the in-house restaurant and enjoy a relaxing treatment at the spa after exploring the surroundings of the hotel. Our resort even offers walking tours, anthropological tours of the village, and safaris to keep you stimulated during your stay.

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge

 Reni Pani Jungle Lodge | Resort in Pachmarhi  1
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Jhalai Safari

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge is another one of our grand hotels that guests cannot get enough of. Located close to Satpura National Park, the largest tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh, this forest lodge is the ideal place to escape the worries and tensions of city life and bask in the healing and rejuvenating effects of living in nature. This wildlife-focused resort boasts exquisite service and premium facilities, for an unparalleled vacation experience. We offer cosy cottages and tents that allow you to observe wildlife and relate to nature like never before.


The resort features comfortable accommodations, a tasteful restaurant, a spa, a swimming pool and a library to provide a restful stay near Satpura National Park. Enjoy and embrace the high-quality facilities that the resort offers, and marvel at the tranquillity of the overall experience. Guests can also scout the area with our expert naturalists and gain insight into the local species of wildlife, be it plants or animals.

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We also offer exciting activities and things to do such as walking tours, cycling, canoeing, camping, safaris and boat rides that will keep you engaged through your stay. The abundance of Reni trees, that the resort and village are named after attracts several animals and birds to Reni Pani. Embrace the essence of the diverse wildlife and the soothing effect of living nestled in greenery at the Reni Pani Jungle Lodge.


Appreciate the benefits and the advantages of a stay in a serene and relaxing resort in the thick of nature. Not only do you experience the charm of the locale, but you are also pampered to lavish amenities that will make your stay comfortable. Come, enjoy a delightful stay at Reni Pani Jungle Lodge and Bori Safari Lodge to alleviate the worries of the day to day and break free in the liberties of nature.