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The Jehan Numa Palace Hotel is 15 km from the airport and 7 km from the railway station.

Jehan Numa Palace

157, Shamla Hill, Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh - 462013, India

:  Telephone: +91-755-2661100, +91-755-4235100
: Fax: +91-755-2661720
: Email: reservation@jnph.in
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  • Bhopal Airport- 15 km (30 minutes
  • Bhopal Railway Station- 10 km (20 minutes)
  • Habibganj Railway Station- 10 km (20 minutes)
  • City centre- 02 km (05 minutes)
  • Nearest shopping centre/Cineplex- 03 km (05 minutes)
  • Central Business District- 05 km (15 minutes)

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Sightseeing & Places of intrest

Sanchi Stupas

50 Km away from the hotel. Dating back to the 3rd Century BC, this ancient Buddhist monastery is a must visit. (1 hour 15 mins drive)

Bhimbetka Caves

50 Km away from the hotel. Bhopal's second UNESCO protected heritage site, Bhimbetka features ancient cave paintings and magnificent rock formations. (1 hour 15 mins drive)

Bhopal Lake

2 Km from the hotel Enjoy magnificent sunsets, romantic boat rides and leisurely walks along the beautiful Bhopal lake.

Bhopal Old City

3 Km from the hotel. Relive the fascinating lives of the Begums of Bhopal. The hotel arranges guided tours of the old city, guests will be able to visit all major monuments. (4 hour tour with a local guide)

Old City Chowk

3 Km away from hotel. This centuries old market has everything you need. Narrow alleys radiating out of the market reveals the true essence of city.

Museums of Bhopal

1 Km from the city walking distance from the hotel, the State Museum, Tribal Museum and Museum of Man offer a wonderful insight into Central Indian culture.