The Epic Centre by Smitha Menon
Part of the challenge, and joy of being a writer is to find exactly the right words to express how you feel. Read more
Sipping Cocktails in the Jungle by Anoothi
If you really want to get away from the madding crowd, then head to Reni Pani a brand new jungle lodge. The place which has neither music systems, cellphone connectivity, nor telephones, is as far from metro life as you can get. Read more
Wild At Heart by Annie Mathews
For a long minute in the afternoon all sound ceased-no human voice, no drip of water, no flapping of pigeons, no grating of chair, no roar of engine, no tolling of temple bell, no ring of a cellphone-a resounding silence as birds probably soared silently through a clear blue sky, or snakes slithered very silently through the woods. Read more
Out In The Wild by Prasad Ramamurthy
As the dust raised by the 4x4 cleared, my welcoming party came into focus: a petite, pleasant-faced woman who serves as an omnipresent manager; two lanky attendants, brown as berries, who never leave her side; and the CEO of Reno Pani himself. Read more
Luxurious Ecolodge by Varun Mukerji
If your idea of a vacation is to lounge comfortably with wine and cheese at hand, while lizards, frogs and insects are conspicuously absent, Reni Pani is not for you. Read more
Wild Encounters by Rishad Sam Mehta
With a superb driver for a friend,it was a good time as any to take off on a road trip to the Satpura Tiger Reserve near Bhopal. Read more
Featured in the ITB Magazine - Indien Akteull
Das Satpura Tigerreservat umfasst den Satpura Nationalpark, das Bori
Wild Life und das Pachmarhi Schutzgebiet. Dieses erstklassige Biotop gehört vermutlich zu Indiens bestgehütetsten Geheimnissen.t. Read more
India's Wild Heart by Rishad Saam Mehta
Smack in the middle of the country is a storehouse of wildlife and natural treasures – the Satpura National Park being a singular example. Read more
Soul Stay: Jehan Numa Retreat
Do you agree there are hideaways that make you take a certain vacation? Read more
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